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Julianna's Perfumes Oud Orange Imperiale

Julianna's Perfumes Oud Orange Imperiale

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Oud Orange Imperiale is inspired by Fragrance du Bois Oud Orange Intense

As she enters the room, everyone's spirits are immediately lifted. Her alluring and citrusy presence fills the air; people are drawn to her charm. You can't help but want to get to know her and emulate her intoxicating aura. The longer you spend with her, the more you realize she's a real firecracker. This fruity, sweet, and perfectly smoky scent is truly invigorating and showcases her refined taste. And once she's gone, you're left with a lingering and hypnotic hint of vanilla, the only reminder that she was even there.

Decanted perfume samples are available in 2ml and 5ml volumes

Disclaimer: The Scented is not in any way affiliated with this brand or any other perfume brand found on All perfume decants are hand decanted into glass or plastic sprayable atomizers for 2ml and 5ml spray atomizers from the original fragrances shown, by the original brands. Fragrance decants will be carefully packaged, labelled and sent to you allowing you to test out the fragrance and determine whether you find it enjoyable before committing to a full bottle.

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