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Julianna's Perfumes Red Stilettos

Julianna's Perfumes Red Stilettos

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Red Stilettos is inspired by Armani Prive Rouge Malachite

From the first whiff of tuberose and vetiver, it's impossible not to be captivated. This vivacious scent exudes undeniable confidence. With spicy floral tones and a hint of sharp pink pepper, it's no wonder everyone wants to be like her. But beware, this seductive aroma is not for the faint of heart. As the fragrance settles, notes of dark amber and coumarin bring a sultry warmth. So go ahead and flaunt your sexiness, because you've got it in spades. You're the ultimate femme fatale.

Decanted perfume samples are available in 2ml and 5ml volumes

Disclaimer: The Scented is not in any way affiliated with this brand or any other perfume brand found on All perfume decants are hand decanted into glass or plastic sprayable atomizers for 2ml and 5ml spray atomizers from the original fragrances shown, by the original brands. Fragrance decants will be carefully packaged, labelled and sent to you allowing you to test out the fragrance and determine whether you find it enjoyable before committing to a full bottle.

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