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Room 1015 Wavechild

Room 1015 Wavechild

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Dive into an aromatic voyage and pay homage to Surf Culture, riding the scented waves of Orange, Watermelon, Coconut, and Ambergris. From Huntington Beach to surfing cliques, bikers, and the electrifying mix of boldness and ingenuity, Wavechild is a party for surf enthusiasts. Down to the basics, the scent in your hands is a fierce, unfiltered, rebellious burst of vitality. Inhale deeply, broaden your horizons, and embrace the Wavechild within.

Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon

Middle Notes: Watermelon, Coconut

Base Notes: Amber Woods, Cocoa, Ambergris

Wavechild samples are available in 1ml, 2ml and 5ml volumes. The fragrance samples are decanted into the sample size atomizer selected, from the original bottle.

Disclaimer: The Scented is not in any way affiliated with this brand or any other perfume brand found on All perfumes are hand decanted into sprayable atomizers from the original fragrances shown, by the original brands. Fragrance decants will be carefully packaged, labelled and sent to you allowing you to test out the fragrance and determine whether you find it enjoyable before committing to a full bottle.

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